Tasman Bay Olives Ltd has three wholesale options: wholesale oil, harvesting and processing.


We provide olive oil at wholesale prices to restaurants and other commercial parties.

Sizes vary from 1 to 5 litre food grade plastic containers, right up to 1000 litre tanks. Talk to us about your requirements.


Our Italian trunk shaker harvester is capable of harvesting a full grown mature tree in 60 seconds and gathers the olives as it shakes. It is able to traverse any terrain a four-wheel-drive tractor can, enabling hill blocks to be mechanically harvested.

Contact us to discuss your contract harvesting (and processing) requirements.


Tasman Bay Olives operates an Italian manufactured, Pegaso 500 olive press capable of processing approximately 500 kg of olives per hour.

Using the press, we extra high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil without the need to put the extracted oil through a separator to remove impurities.

The Pegaso runs at a higher speed than other centrifuges so it does a better separation of the oil from the waste parts of the process.

Contact us to discuss your contract processing (and harvesting) requirements