Our Olives


The clay slopes of the Moutere Hills in the Tasman Bay, New Zealand, have been producing olives for 100 years. Today they are home to our olive groves. Like the Mediterranean, Tasman bay offers hot, dry, long summers; perfect for ripe, luscious olives, ready to press into premium, quality extra virgin olive oils.

Here at Tasman Bay Olives, we grow premium Italian varieties – Leccino and Frantoio, both of Tuscan heritage, with a reputation for deep classic flavours, low acidity and exceptional taste. We harvest in June, press, on site, using traditional methods in July. Our goal is to harness the pure, fresh flavours of all our fruit


Known for its fresh (or high) fruitiness and creamy malty centre,  this variety produces a smooth oil – slightly buttery with herbal notes and a peppery finish.


A bold and robustly fruity oil, Frantoio olives deliver a full herbaceous flavour. It tends to be nutty and spicy and like the Luccino, offers a peppery finish.